It’s like waiting anxiously for the holidays…

October 13, 2008

While there’s a little lull before the big patch hits (presumably the quiet before the storm), I’d like to take a moment to remind people of all the wonderful pre 3.0 survival/informational resources. As Kadomi posted on her blog, Too Many Annas has a great comprehensive guide to 3.0 that everyone can benefit from.

And while we’re waiting for those awesome changes to arrive (or whimpering for it to not come yet because wow, there’s goals to finish and ZA bears to grind up!) , if there’s one thing that’s awesome to pass the time with, it’s WoW comics. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a webcomic addict and I find myself sometimes staying up late to catch up.  Here are a few of my favorites recently:

Dark Legacy Comics – A great comic, there’s always something I can relate to with each one.

Looking For Group – I admit I haven’t actually kept up with the storyline (don’t hurt me), but my guildies rave about this one.

Manic Graffiti – This comic ranks up there on the cute factor. The drawing style is unique and it’s quite funny.

By Way of Booty Bay – I found this one recently and it’s been featured a lot on the official comic contest and for good reason (side note: some comics may be a tad NSFW).

Flintlocke Vs The Horde – I’d recommend reading the previous webcomic to this series which is awesome on its own. This particular series focuses on the Horde (much love) and it’s shaping up to be hilarious.

World of Warcraft Comic Contest – This isn’t really a webcomic but I love reading these gems from the official site.  And sometimes, I find new comics this way.

So while you’re anxiously awaiting the servers to come back up after patch day, catch some epic giggles from these fine Azerothian webcomics.


One Response to “It’s like waiting anxiously for the holidays…”

  1. vic said

    \o/ dark legacy!

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